BROCHURE: For over 15 years, ICMC has been providing help to the world’s most vulnerable refugees through its Resettlement Deployment Scheme. This brochure is designed to promote this scheme, their skills and areas of expertise to governments and other agencies. Designed to deliver complex information in an easily readable format, on-brand. 

NEWSLETTER: ICMC commissioned Tick Tock Design to redesign their quarterly 4 page newsletter. Produced by their affiliated office in Boston, USA, it promotes the work of ICMC and highlights awareness of current issues. The re-design brings the publication back on-brand, highlights clearly where donors can find more information or make a contribution. 
The newsletter is printed locally to the client and mailed to recipients, and a digital copy is also provided.

LAUNCH INVITATION: To mark World Refugee Day 2018 ICMC launched the book “Through A Different Lens: Syrian Children – Photos and Voices” and needed a striking visual to promote the event across a variety of formats. This was created using photographs from the book itself and strong, bold typography and colours. It was adapted for event promotion online with FaceBook and EventBright, and also into an invitation and program – printed and digital.​